Remodeling and Countertops


The countertop plays an important part as kitchen component. It is the place of action in the kitchen. The countertop forms the foundation in the kitchen d?cor, during and remodeling of the kitchen.  It carries the burden in tone setting and occupant of space in the kitchen. The importance of the countertop in the kitchen d?cor matters significantly on the type of material, design and finish one will rely on when having a countertop. Countertops for many years has dominated the kitchen’s countertop, with many people having a preference for the granite due to its good looking, durability and strength. Granite is a natural rock. Its disadvantage has been its porosity. It means, that liquids like oil, wine, water will seep through such surface with the end result being stained leftover the surface. The worst of it is that it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. The kitchen is one place that sanitation has to be at the top list when it comes to room utilization. Though the porous surface can be sealed by a sealant of non-porous in nature, it will become a tedious chore of resealing every time the sealant wears off. Quartz is a non-porous material meaning it resists highly prevalent stains that cause hygiene concerns when remodeling the countertop. Another advantage is that quartz is strong, durable super and having a maintenance that is low on cost.

The two most common surfaces are the leather and honed surfaces that rely on the application of materials such as quartz, marble or granite. The finish of honed has no shine on it, the overall appearance depends on the stone type, see page here!

The honed finish does well on marble as it doesn’t hide any flaws or marks of scratch. The leather finish is a more recent style in treatment. Has a sheen soft, less glossy. Leather finish has the outlook of the natural color of the stone giving it sophistication look than honed finish. It hides water spots and fingerprints well remarkable, appealing to the eye. Get info here!

Quartz is today designed to resemble slabs similar to natural stone, such as marble and granite. Interesting designs can be placed. The additional boost is hence put to personality in your kitchen to give it a unique look. On using finished honed or leathered surface, durability is guaranteed and great finish. A great matchup between the elements in the kitchen floor, cabinetry, walls, and backsplash. The visual effect is enhanced. Read more about remodeling at


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